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Who is Nylon Sue ?

First of all she's a ravishing mature glamour model. She knows how to tease -exploiting her lingerie cabinet to the max. Sue is one hell of a mature pin up ! Stockings, suspenders, corsets, heels, gloves and all kinds of sexy little accessories only experimented seductresses know how to put together to get the most erotic impact on us poor male admirers... Then comes the nylon fetish side of our beloved mature blonde. Nylon Sue has a somewhat " wicked" imagination wich leads her to explore every side of the nylon fetish fantasies- "taking nylons to another level " is one of Nylon Sue's fetish site best description.
Let' s enjoy her erotic showcase !

New !

As of october 2014 Nylon Sue has relaunched her first 100% solo site,
with new material and a nice gift (20% off)
>>> go to the preview

Mature Sue in classic white tob, grey dress and tann corset and suspender stockings
The one and only Nylon Sue in all her mature splendor. 15 pics.

An exciting new site is born featuring Nylon Sue only:
It' s official now, Sue is a mature lady- not an "old lady" though- and I like a woman who accepts and exploits all the benefits of getting older.
I must admit I hope Sue will be still modelling 20 years from now, I got a thing for age spots and wrinkles, aaaand sophisticated lingerie worn with elegance.
Let' s wish Sue good luck with her new site !


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Goldie in white nylons and metal spike heels
I seem to know this sexy blonde...

Sue is expressing her glamorous side under the nickname of "Goldie Locket" at
Time for the fans out there to complete their collection.
Take the tour to watch Sue's cameos:

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Anal with style

Mature in fetish dress exhibiting her bare ass
Lady Sue and her greedy ass

Oh my oh my, dear Sue ! How can you be so pretty and charming, elegant and sophisticated, and feed your pale delicate aristocratic butt with those vulgar anal sextoys ?

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Nylon layers: how does that sound ?

Sue sitting with legs spread and wearing stockings plus pantyhose letting us see her black lace sheer panties
15 pictures of your favorite nylon fetishist

All these layers of nylon are surely making a soft screeching noise when Sue is taking different arousing poses for us.
I for one wish I could be close enough to hear this...
Well, features videos of Sue too, that should be very easy to hear the Goddess in action:

>>>Get closer to Nylon Sue
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I' d love a face sitting with my english breakfast

Nylon Sue wearing sheer black nylon stockings and suspenders is getting ready to sit on a guy' s face
I' d be fascinated too...

Take a beautiful, respectable mature woman who knows the science of dressing ultra sexy and let her punish, humiliate you by letting her sit on your face. You' d hit it wouldn' t you ? Me, I' d eat her too ( with her permission only ). Actually I'd eat anything coming from Nylon Sue.

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On a side note...

...suscribing to Sue' s nylons fetish site gives you a free complementary access to
That' s new and interesting !
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How to tease a poor guy' s cock ?

Cock teasing

Nothing will tell you more about Nylon Sue than this short movie ( click the pic above).
It starts with a close- up on her long nylon clad legs to end with her smile :)
Then the action begins, I' d call this movie "Extreme cock teasing" if you don' t mind. A poor guy is wrapped in a nylon layer with his cock only exposed to the most delightful torments from the best english dominant lady around ( the cutest too ).
How many minutes was this guy supposed to resist this sexual teasing without spraying cum all over Sue' s nylons ? Did they film that movie in one take only ? preview
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Solitary fetish pleasures

Elegant mature woman in nylons inserting her spiked heels
20 pictures

You can' t let Nylon Sue alone in the secrecy of her cosy cottage without imagining what she' ll do when you' re away...
So elegant and so pervert at the same time, Sue is making the inventory of her favorite fetish objects:
Pantyhose... checked !
Nylon suspenders... checked !
Nylon layers... checked !
Spiked heels... checked !
"What are we gonna do with ourself and these objects of desire ? "
See above, I find this astonishing !

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Nylon Sue: the perfect wife ?

Mature blonde with black nylons posing in the bedroom
My mature glamourous bitch is taking position on a bed , exhibiting her black nylons gained sexy legs. Don't you wish every bedroom in the world would be an erotic showroom like this one ? A perfect reminder for you to buy some sexy lingerie to your partner. Or would you like Nylon Sue to be your imaginary perfect wife ? ( it's cheaper ! )
>>Enter her site here !
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The dominatrix is having a rest..

Sue in sexy white stockings
I like these shots of Sue pleasuring herself while beeing away of her male slave. It' s like sharing a bit of intimacy with her...
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Foot play..

Nylon Sue giving a foot job with high heels
First the coldness of iron spikes then the warmth of Sues perfect shaped feets. Submission and reward.. I think I would explode in no time just sensing my Godess toe nails squeezing and teasing my dick !
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Good ( blow ) job !

Female boss blowjob
A bit of funny roleplay featuring a female boss and an obediant male worker.
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